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The Farnborough Symphony Orchestra is committed to maintaining a high standard of musicianship amongst its members. Membership, subject to vacancies, is open to players of Grade 8 standard or higher. The process for selecting new members is described below. This policy applies to all Brass, Woodwind and Principal String recruitment; the policy also governs recruitment of ‘rank and file’ String players, with the qualification that Clause 7 below allows curtailment of the trial period at the discretion of the Committee.

  1. As they arise, all vacancies will be advertised publicly, for a period of at least 4 weeks, through the website, personal contacts and other media as appropriate. Applications will be invited on a fair and open basis.
  2. If the Committee considers it necessary, any applicant may be required to attend an audition in order for the Committee to determine their level of competence. The constitution of the audition panel will be decided by the Committee with due consideration to the instrument concerned and shall always include the Artistic Director.
  3. The Committee will prepare a short-list of applicants with reference to past knowledge of the player, any previous track record of the player with the Orchestra, and the player’s audition performance as applicable.
  4. Short-listed players will be officially ‘on trial’ with the Orchestra until a formal appointment is made. Each will be invited to perform a concert with the Orchestra and will be expected to attend rehearsals for that concert. ‘On trial’ players (who are not already members in a different role) will not be expected to pay subscriptions.
  5. An ‘on trial’ player’s trial may be terminated at any time by the Committee if it is considered that the player:
    – Fails to play to the required standard;
    – Fails to play effectively within the orchestral ensemble;
    – Exhibits poor attendance.
  6. When all short-listed players have completed their concert trials, the Committee will select the most appropriate player and make a formal offer of appointment, taking account of:
    – The recommendation of the Artistic Director;
    – Comments from key Principals within the Orchestra;
    – The player’s attendance record during the trial period;
    – The extent to which the player has embraced the Orchestra’s ethos.
  7. In the case of ‘rank and file’ positions (where a single part is shared by more than one player), the Committee may waive the requirement for a concert trial and make a formal offer of appointment on the recommendation of the Artistic Director and the Section Leader

12th April 2012

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