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Members' Code


  • The FSO encourages strong commitment from its members and, in order to ensure that the players’ and conductor’s time is not wasted, attendance at all rehearsals is expected.
  • It is inevitable that members may have to miss rehearsals occasionally for unavoidable reasons but these should be kept to a minimum, the expectation being that no player will miss more than three rehearsals per concert.
  • If you do have to be absent from a rehearsal, please complete the absence form and let your section leader know in advance as this helps us to plan ahead. Please ensure that all known absences are reported ahead of the first rehearsal for each concert.
  • If a member has attended insufficient rehearsals prior to a specific concert, the Committee may advise that member that they will not be able to play in that concert.


  • Subject to the condition above, it is expected that all members will play in all concerts unless:
    they are prevented from doing so by illness or injury;
    they are not required by virtue of the orchestration.
  • Any member prevented by illness or injury from playing in a concert will be entitled to a complimentary ticket for that concert.
  • If members are not required to play in a concert or concerts for reasons of orchestration, they will be entitled to a rebate on their subscription on a pro rata basis.

Concert Protocol

  • Men should wear black shoes, a dress shirt, black dinner jacket and black bow tie.
  • Ladies should wear smart black footwear, a black full/three-quarter length dress or a black full/three-quarter length skirt or long black trousers and a smart black eveningwear style top.
  • Music stands should be either silver or black.


  • Subscriptions should be paid to the Treasurer within six weeks of the first rehearsal of each season.
  • If you wish to pay by electronic money transfer, please include your name and “FSO sub” in the reference and email the Treasurer to confirm payment. The Orchestra’s bank details will be provided by the Treasurer on request.

Social Media

  • When referring to the FSO on social media sites, members should uphold the reputation of the Orchestra.
  • Defamatory reference to individual members, sections of the Orchestra, the Conductor and the Committee should be avoided. Defamatory postings include, but are not limited to, those that are sexist, racist, threatening, insulting, unlawful and invasive of another’s privacy.
  • If a member contravenes this social media code, the Committee reserves the right to ask the member to leave the Orchestra.

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