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Privacy Policy Young People

This privacy policy is written for young people.  If you are an adult and prefer a more technical version of the same information you can find it here.  Please do not share your personal details  with us until you are happy that you have understood a version of our privacy policy.

Farnborough Symphony Orchestra Privacy Policy – Young People

Effective: November 3rd 2020

Before we start – here’s what some of the terms below actually mean:

The Farnborough Symphony Orchestra (FSO) is a charity that gives public concerts so that people can enjoy live classical music.  To do this we need to know the names and personal details of people who perform with us, or who come to hear us play, so that we can keep in touch.

Your personal details might include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth (for example).  You could be identified from these details.  Any details that could be used to identify you are called Personal Data.

The law in the UK says that we have to tell people what we need your Personal Data for and how we keep it safe.  We tell people this in a document called a Privacy Policy.  People often skip reading privacy policies but they are really important because then you know how we are looking after your information and you know what to do if you have a question about it!

Why do you need people’s personal data?

We need your Personal Data so that we can get back in touch with you – for example sending you e-mails about our concerts, rehearsals or other events that we do.

There are lots of times that we might ask you for your Personal Data:

  • When you join the orchestra;
  • When you donate some money to us by becoming a “Friend”;
  • When you stand in (play) for another member of the orchestra if they can’t come that day;
  • When you do something helpful for the orchestra (for example, sell programmes or raise money for us);
  • When you sign up to get our newsletter or other messages from us;
  • When you take part in a special activity (like an open rehearsal);
  • When you enter a competition run by the orchestra;
  • When you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other online apps.

Which people in the FSO would see my Personal Data?

We might need to tell some orchestra members your personal details.  This would be so that they could get in touch with you.  We only tell people your details if they really need to know them.  For example, we might tell the conductor your e-mail address so that he could ask you a question, but we wouldn’t tell everyone in the orchestra.

Do you give my Personal Data to anyone outside of the FSO?

FSO regularly uses a few other companies to help it:

  • MailChimp is a company that we use for our e-mail newsletter.
  • WeGotTickets is a company that we use to sell tickets.
  • Microsoft is a company that we use for our emails and data storage.
  • FSO Productions Ltd. is a company that actually puts on the concerts that the FSO plays in.  Sometimes the FSO might need to share your personal data with FSO Productions Ltd.

All these companies have privacy policies which also stick to the UK law about keeping your data safe.

Would my Personal Data ever be sent to other countries?

Some of the computer systems we use store your Personal Data electronically in parts of Europe or the United States of America.  Wherever your details are stored they are always kept secure and the other countries always stick to UK law.

The Legal Bit – why the law lets us keep your details

This section explains what the law says about why we are allowed to have your Personal Data.  We have to have a proper, legal reason for keeping your details.  There are different legal reasons for us having your details, depending on who you are:

 ‘Legitimate Interests’ – usually for members of the orchestra and people who perform with it (soloists, conductors, stand-ins etc.)

For members of the orchestra, soloists, conductors and deputies, we keep your Personal Data based on a legal thing called ‘Legitimate Interests’.   If you think about it, the orchestra wouldn’t be able to work if it wasn’t allowed to contact the people who play in it!  So, ‘Legitimate Interests’ basically means that we are allowed to keep your details because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function.

‘Informed Consent’ – other people

For other people we will ask you outright if you are ok with us having your Personal Data.  For example when you sign up to our newsletter, or enter a competition, we will explain why we want your details and ask you to show that you agree (consent) to us having them.  You normally have to tick a box or sign something to show that you have given your consent.  If you don’t give your consent we aren’t allowed to keep your details.  If you have given us your consent you can also take it away again!  This means that if you change your mind after giving us your details, you can get in touch and ask us to delete your details and stop contacting you.

What if I want to check what details you have about me?

You are allowed to ask the FSO what details we have, and to ask us to correct details that are wrong, or to delete your details.  You can ask us anything you like about this by e-mailing our Data Protection Officer, names Julian Martin, at and we will answer as soon as we can.  You should expect an answer within one month.

How long do you keep my details for?

If you are a member or Friend of the orchestra we’ll keep your details for as long as you are a member or Friend.  If you stop being a member or Friend we’ll ask if you mind us keeping your details for another 12 months (so that we can stay in touch with you) or else we’ll delete your details straight away if that’s what you want.

In all other cases we will delete your details as soon as we don’t need them anymore.

How do I know you will keep my details safe?

The UK has a law that tells us we have to keep your details safe.  We stick to this law and so do the companies we use.  We never, ever give your details to anyone else, and we promise that we will only use your details to contact you about FSO things.

We do the best we can to make sure that your details can’t be accidentally or illegally lost, changed or made public.  We do this by using locks and passwords, and by limiting who can access your details.  However hard we try we cannot promise that none of these things will happen.

Children and Young People

If you are between 13 and 18 we are very keen for you to join us, support us, or take part in our special events.  We need your Personal Data for the same reason as we need adults’ details.  We look after your details in the same way.  You have the same rights as adults (for example, you can ask us what details we have on you, and ask us to change or delete them).

We don’t collect Personal Data from children under 13.  This is because we can’t always be confident that younger children have understood our Privacy Policy or realised what they are signing up to.  If you are under 13 and have any questions about how you can get involved with the orchestra please ask your parent or guardian to contact us instead.  If you are under 13 and you’ve accidently given us your details please ask your parent or guardian to get in touch so that we can delete them.

So, how do I get in touch with you?

Send us an e-mail at – Julian will answer you as soon as he can.

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