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The Orchestra, which is a registered charity, faces some significant challenges in the years ahead. The prevailing economic climate has led to a decline in audience numbers and the media have reported that the Arts are suffering widespread withdrawal of public funding. The Government is looking increasingly to private bodies to maintain that support.

If you have enjoyed our concerts and would like to play a part in encouraging live performance of music in our region, please consider making a donation to the Orchestra.

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FSO Recordings by Farnborough Symphony Orchestra

  1. Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture (excerpt 1)
  2. Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture (excerpt 2)
  3. Khatchaturian - Adagio from Spartacus (excerpt)
  4. Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn (excerpt)
  5. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 1st movement (excerpt)
  6. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 2nd movement (excerpt)
  7. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 3rd movement (excerpt)
  8. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance
  9. Vaughan Williams - English Folk Song Suite
  10. Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Waltz
  11. Unknown - String Quartet Piece