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Committee Roles

The FSO committee is responsible for the management of the Orchestra. Committee members are elected at a general meeting and serve for a period of one year as trustees of the charity. The Committee consists of the following officers:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Associate Conductor
  • Librarian
  • Stage Manager
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Front-of-House Manager

In addition, the Committee has three Ordinary Members, who have no specific portfolio and who can serve for a maximum of three years. The Music Director and Leader are not members of the committee since, as a salaried employee of the charity, they are precluded from trusteeship. However, they are in attendance at meetings.

Peter BirkettChairman – Peter Birkett
The Chairman has overall responsibility for the general management of the Orchestra, including all matters pertaining to concerts, membership, financial performance and the legal obligations associated with being a registered charity. The role includes liaison with sponsors and other donors as well as maintaining a strategy for the development of the Orchestra.

David NashSecretary – David Nash
The Secretary is responsible for the administrative management of the Orchestra, including booking of venues and soloists, recording of meetings, and membership administration.

Treasurer – Magda Middleton
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the Orchestra including day-to-day fiscal operation, budgeting and liaison with auditors.

Susie BakerPublicity Officer – Susie Baker
The Publicity Officer is responsible for promoting the public profile of the Orchestra, including management of sales and marketing for concerts and other events, and maintaining the web profile of the Orchestra. Susie also has responsibility for the Orchestra's social media.

Roy FalshawAssociate Conductor – Roy Falshaw
The Associate Conductor deputises for the Music Director, taking rehearsals when necessary and conducting the Orchestra for specific events as required.

Librarian – Robin Chave
The Librarian is responsible for sourcing scores and instrumental parts for the musical programme, ensuring that parts are available when required and returned after use. The role also involves providing hire cost estimates to the Treasurer for budgetary purposes.

Stage Manager – Robert Ravenhill
The Stage Manager is responsible for the layout of the stage on concert days and ensuring that rehearsal venues are configured appropriately.

Ali WrightonAssistant Secretary – Ali Wrighton
The Assistant Secretary supports the Secretary, taking minutes when required and deputising as necessary. Ali also fulfils the non-committee role of Patrons Secretary, with responsibility for communication with the Orchestra’s patrons.

Liz Franklin-KitchenFront-of-House Manager – Liz Franklin-Kitchen
The Front-of-House Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the front-of-house function on concert days, including sourcing helpers and overseeing ticket and programme sales. 

Ordinary Member - Nathan Winters (2nd Year)
Nathan is the FSO's Data Officer with responsibility for management of personal data held by the FSO.

Rosemary HeasmanOrdinary Member - Rosemary Heasman (2nd year)

VACANTOrdinary Member – VACANT

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FSO Recordings by Farnborough Symphony Orchestra

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  2. Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture (excerpt 2)
  3. Khatchaturian - Adagio from Spartacus (excerpt)
  4. Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn (excerpt)
  5. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 1st movement (excerpt)
  6. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 2nd movement (excerpt)
  7. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 3rd movement (excerpt)
  8. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance
  9. Vaughan Williams - English Folk Song Suite
  10. Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Waltz
  11. Unknown - String Quartet Piece