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Audience Comments

19th March 2016
The orchestra in particular excelled themselves last night; fabulous soloist performance from So-Ock Kim and super energy and direction from Tom Seligman.

Wonderful performances tonight: So-Ock Kim really impressed us with her emotional connection with the Elgar. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!

17th January 2015
Lovely to hear such an expert Mozart clarinet concerto last night. Mendelssohn was a highlight too.

12th July 2014
Most wonderful and unique concert tonight in the by strings & , ethereal, truly lovely, well done, loved it.

14th June 2014
Fab performance of The Planet Suite by the FSO this evening - out of this world!

22nd March 2014
We weren’t able to come to the Buster Keaton film last time, so "The Circus" was our first time at this kind of concert. It was really enjoyed by all of us (I came with my husband and daughter). There was a great atmosphere with the live orchestra.

15th June 2013
Has to be one of the best concerts that I have attended...thoroughly enjoyable.

4th May 2013 (Family Concert)
Thanks so much, we really enjoyed the concert today! Hope you'll do more soon, we'd love to go again.

27th October 2012
We absolutely loved last night; it was our third FSO concert and we will be at the January one too. Can't miss a bit of Bach!!

The FSO's performance under Ben Palmer yesterday evening was truly inspirational. I loved his speech about the movements of the Tchaikovsky. Very well done. Enjoyable evening.

16th June 2012
Another fabulous performance and a great party atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the cello during the sea songs! The Mendelssohn violin concerto was another highlight. A great concert and thanks for making it such an enjoyable evening.

17th March 2012
The concert/film was very enjoyable - the orchestra are very good. My daughter also enjoyed it and is looking forward to the concert in June - a successful introduction of a child to a classical concert. Thank you!

21st January 2012
I thought Mark Fitz-Gerald gave Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’ symphony a strikingly lyrical interpretation that was far removed from the emotional interpretations of those who pay far too much attention to the circumstances of the composer’s hard life and early death. The evening ended on a high note with Dvořák’s delightful Symphonic Variations. The applause that followed showed how much the audience enjoyed a piece that deserves far more frequent airings.

12th November 2011
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert; we thought the Farnborough Symphony Orchestra were fantastic and Irena Lyakhovskya played the piano wonderfully with such emotion (Lang Lang watch out!). A most enjoyable evening and I hope to attend other concerts.

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Saturday's concert. The Brahms was fantastic (I would have come just for that alone) and the Wagner overture provided a wonderfully rousing opening to the concert! I'm not much of a fan of Rachmaninov, but that was lovely as well. The soloist was amazing!

21st November 2009
So enjoyed the concert last night. Thought the Shostakovich the best thing I'd heard the orchestra do. Deeply grateful to you and all your colleagues for all the hard work that you undoubtedly put in.

22nd November 2008
Congratulations! There were times during the ensemble playing of Tchaikovsky's 6th when the music seemed to float up from the orchestra in one piece, like a transfer floating off its backing when dipped in water. The overture introduced the orchestra brilliantly, I thought, and the four young horn players were a delight. With some wonderfully atmospheric Wagner for good measure, what a truly entertaining programme it was. Thanks to everybody for all the hard work that must have gone into it.

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  1. Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture (excerpt 1)
  2. Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture (excerpt 2)
  3. Khatchaturian - Adagio from Spartacus (excerpt)
  4. Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn (excerpt)
  5. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 1st movement (excerpt)
  6. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 2nd movement (excerpt)
  7. Dvorak - Violin Concerto 3rd movement (excerpt)
  8. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance
  9. Vaughan Williams - English Folk Song Suite
  10. Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Waltz
  11. Unknown - String Quartet Piece